Catherine and Michael are Film Unbound

Hello from Catherine & Michael

No need to make a cup of tea (or coffee), we'll be brief: we make films, and we love doing it.

Our films tell stories. Sometimes they're our stories, sometimes they're your stories, sometimes they're true, and sometimes they're made up. No matter what, the quest for good storytelling drives our entire approach: we strive for beautiful images, the right words and sounds, precise editing, and to be attentive to the audience.

Our two-person team formed when we met eight years ago, and we've been creating things together ever since. Michael is meticulous about the details and Catherine always has her eye on the big picture. Michael knows equipment, lenses, and light; he's often holding the camera, while Catherine's understanding of people puts her in the (figurative — we don't actually have one) director's chair. Both of us are excited by the process and by getting our hands dirty at every stage — from the idea, to the shoot, to the final product.

But that's enough about us, why not tell us a bit about you, your business, or your organization? Do you have a story you'd like to tell — at an event, online, on TV, on the big screen, or anywhere else for that matter? We can help — so come say hello.